Slimex is used as a weight loss and slimming solution. It works by improving your metabolism, decreasing the appetite and encouraging the burning of excess fat in the body. It contains only natural components without any hazardous substances so that it does not provoke any harm to the body. As a result, it can be safely taken by adult patients as long as you do not have an allergy to the ingredients of this pill.

Slimex can be regarded as an all-natural supplement that improves the metabolic processes in your body. This leads to the gradual decrease of weight but the speed of weight loss mainly depends on such factors as your current weight, way of life and dietary habits. The key ingredient of this drug is Sibutramine that is commonly prescribed to people suffering from acute obesity. Apart from helping you to lose weight, this medicine improves your energy level and makes you feel more active mentally and physically.

How to Use Slimex Correctly

Slimex should be used in conjunction with proper dieting and intense physical activity to increase its effectiveness. It needs to be used according to the specific treatment plan advised by the physician. Never take this pill in excess quantities as it may provoke an overdose. Do not increase the length of treatment on your own. The following tips will help you to use this pill in the right way:

  • Slimex should be used once a day according to the recommendations provided to you by your doctor;
  • Your medical adviser may sometimes change the recommended dose that will be appropriate in your situation;
  • This pill can be used either on an empty stomach or with food;
  • You are supposed to lose 4 pounds at a minimum after the first four weeks of treatment. During this time, it is necessary to follow a low-calorie dietary regimen. Speak to your physician if the excess weight does not disappear;

You should also keep track of the blood pressure and heart rate and consult your physician frequently throughout the length of treatment.

Moderate and Serious Side Effects

Ask for medical assistance right away if you have noticed any symptoms of an allergy including breathing problems, swollen body parts, and others. Although Slimex is a natural medical product, it can provoke severe adverse reactions which may include the following ones:

  • Irregular or too rapid heartbeat;
  • Worsening of breathing problems;
  • Anxiety, hallucinations, tremor or other mental impairments;
  • Inability to coordinate movements;
  • Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea;
  • Stiffness of muscles;
  • Feeling as if you are about to faint;
  • Hazardous manifestations of hypertension.

Not very severe adverse reactions may include the following signs:

  • Intense thirst and digestive problems;
  • Constipation or pain in your stomach;
  • Headache;
  • Nervousness or depression;
  • Signs of flu;
  • Inability to sleep normally;
  • Moderate skin reactions.

As a rule, Slimex is tolerated well but if you witness any of the above-mentioned symptoms, ask for medical help without hesitation.

Precautions and Warnings

Don’t take this pill for more than two years to prevent undesirable health consequences. This product can lead to intense hypertension and increase the pulse rate dramatically. Therefore, you need to keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate throughout the length of treatment. If you experience a continuous increase in blood pressure and too intense heart rate, it may be necessary to reduce the dose or stop treatment. Consult your doctor to get more accurate recommendations.

Do not use this product if you have noticed an allergic reaction to its component or if you suffer from these health disorders:

  • Intense hypertension;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Record of atherosclerosis;
  • Severe heart problems or a record of a heart attack;
  • The use of other slimming tablets.

Do not use this product without consulting a medical practitioner if you are younger than 16 or older than 65. Consult the doctor before using this pill if you have glaucoma, liver or kidney disorders or mental illness. Don’t use Slimex if you are expecting a baby or have plans to get pregnant.

Interactions with Drugs

This medicine may interact with a number of other medical products. Be sure not to use it if you have taken any drug belonging to the group of MAO inhibitors in the previous 14 days because it may provoke life-threatening reactions.

Before using Slimex, inform the medical practitioner if you take other medical products on a regular basis, especially those that make you drowsy, such as allergy medications, antipsychotic drugs, sleeping tablets, muscle relaxants, and others. They may worsen the feeling of drowsiness.

Ask the physician for advice before using this pill in conjunction with other diet tablets. The following medical products can interact with Slimex:

  • Antibiotics like erythromycin;
  • Lithium;
  • Antidepressants;
  • Ergotamine medications;
  • Triptan group drugs;
  • Narcotic pain relievers.

Tell the doctor if you use any over-the-counter medicines or herbal products to avoid possible drug interactions.

How to Buy Slimex Online

There are many respectable online drugstores where you can purchase drugs of the highest quality at a reasonable price. Due to the extreme popularity of Slimex, it can also be counterfeited. Therefore, it is recommended to buy it only from legal and reputable drugstores online. This will help you to get a safe and high-quality product at a low price and with no risks.